Justice champion from Year 6

Riley has been awarded the justice champion this week. That is because he made a decision whilst playing football in the ball court to move teams to make it more fair and equal for everyone. Well done Riley!





Values walk

Have you spotted our new Values tiles outside? You will find them on your way out to the playground… all the children have been very busy contributing to them and we would like to thank our Caretaker, Tracey Molland for popping them onto the wall for us.

Bethlehem- the musical

Courage was shown by everyone this week as they stood on stage and performed a fantastic nativity show! They sung every word, spoke clearly and with confidence and made every member of the audience very proud. Well done to everyone!


Brother and sister – perseverance champions

This week Key Stage 2 nominated Peter as their perseverance Christian champion and without realising the link,

Key Stage 1 nominated Harriet, his sister. They have both been showing excellent perseverance in class, and tackling things they find tricky and never giving up. What a good week they have both had!




Children in Need day!

The whole school teamed together to show another of our Christian values today- Compassion!

We had lots of fun raising money for a really important cause and even created a giant spotty picture out of our own bodies!


Rosen class Christian Champion

Well done Chayce! You have shown perseverance this week. Keep this up.



Perseverance champion from Year 5

William has stood out this week as he didn’t give up, even when he was finding a maths problem particularly tricky.